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Handmade Pottery Bowl / Planter / Vessel (B)

Handmade Pottery Bowl / Planter / Vessel (B)

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This is a great piece with an amazing glaze combination over the raw/exposed black clay body. There are countless uses for a beautiful vessel like this, a planter, garlic storage on the kitchen counter, or just sitting around showing off its perfect glaze drips.

‘B’ quality refers to items that don’t quite turn out the way I expected. It could be a number of reasons, including slight deformations from the firing processes, glaze colors don’t turn out just right or there are a couple of pin holes or bubbles. In any case, all hand made products that go through the extreme processing that pottery does, there is bound to be things that make them unique. No two are the same. My ‘B’ quality items are still very much useable and will overall have the same effect on your decor and your life. Generally, only you will know…

Measures 4” tall and 6” wide.

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